Polyhouse Shadenet

A polyhouse, also known as a greenhouse, is a type of structure used for growing plants in a controlled environment. It is made of a metal or wooden frame covered with a transparent material such as polyethylene film or glass. The purpose of a polyhouse is to provide an environment that is suitable for growing plants throughout the year, regardless of weather conditions outside.Here are some benefits of a polyhouse:

Year-round growing: A polyhouse provides a controlled environment that allows plants to grow year-round, regardless of weather conditions outside. This is especially important in regions with harsh winters or extreme heat in summers.

Protection from pests and diseases: A polyhouse provides a barrier against pests and diseases that can damage plants. This reduces the need for pesticides and other chemicals, which can be harmful to the environment.

Improved plant quality: A polyhouse allows for precise control of temperature, humidity, and light levels, which can improve plant growth and quality. This can lead to higher yields and better quality produce.

Increased crop diversity: A polyhouse allows for the cultivation of a wider variety of crops that may not be suitable for outdoor growing conditions. This can help to diversify crop production and increase profitability.

Water conservation: A polyhouse can be equipped with a drip irrigation system that conserves water and reduces water waste.

Polyhouses can be used for a variety of purposes, including growing flowers, fruits, vegetables, and herbs. They are especially popular among commercial growers who need to produce crops year-round.

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